Our IVF Acupuncture Protocol: Improving Pregnancy Rates up to 60%

TNCRA’s protocols for combining acupuncture with IVF treatment can significantly increase your chances of pregnancy.

With the development of in-vitro fertilization, many families unable to conceive were suddenly given hope. Over the years, there has been great scientific interest in improving this procedure and success rates have increased greatly and currently hover right around 30% for women under 35.

While this is all great news, most will agree that a success rate of 30% in the youngest population of infertile women leaves a lot of room for improvement. Women going through or preparing for IVF treatment will wonder if there is anything else they can be doing to improve their chances. In addition to maintaining a healthy body weight and lifestyle, acupuncture remains one of the most commonly sought after complementary treatments for women going through IVF. With numerous research studies showing improved pregnancy rates, many doctors and fertility clinics are coming on board with combining their treatments with acupuncture.

In our clinic, over the last two years, we saw a pregnancy rate around 60% for all women who went through an IVF cycle. This number includes all ages and all types of transfers (frozen, fresh, and donor). These results are truly amazing and in line with what many other acupuncturists are seeing in their own clinics.

Just think, if all women going through IVF had acupuncture treatment we would have so many more success stories and the cost savings of not having to do repeated IVF cycles would be tremendous!

We use a protocol inspired by the work of Dr. Magarelli and Diane Cridennda, and other fertility acupuncture research, that involves a series of treatments specifically timed throughout your IVF cycle to help support each phase of your cycle. This protocol has been shown to not only increase your chances of getting pregnant, but improves live birth rates as well! After all, the ultimate goal is a take-home-baby! Additionally, they found a reduction in the number of miscarriages,rates of ectopic pregnancy, and even lower numbers of multiple pregnancies when using this protocol in combination with IVF. The protocol has even been shown to help keep certain hormones at levels consistent with women who get pregnant on their own.

We divided the protocol into 4 phases corresponding with your cycle. The protocol itself begins when you begin your cycle medications, but can be preceded by treatments designed to help prepare your body for your upcoming cycle. 


4 Phases of TNCRA’s IVF Acupuncture Protocol: 

  1. Pre-Conception: Optional treatments in the 3 months preceding the cycle to manage stress, regulate hormones, and help your body prepare for the cycle.
  2. Ovarian Stimulation: 2-4 treatments given along side your ovarian stimulation medications to help increase the quality and quantity of your eggs and reduce side effects.
  3. Transfer: A treatment given immediately before and/or after your embryo transfer to increase blood flow to the uterine lining, reduce uterine contractions, and manage stress.
  4. Post-Transfer: One treatment 3-7 days post embryo transfer to support implantation and reduce stress.
  5. Massage: At TNCRA, we recommend getting a massage the week before your pregnancy test to calm the nervous system and help you relax as you await the results of your cycle. Lisa, with Transformations Massage, does our fertility massage and is located right in same office space.


Throughout your treatment you can expect to feel more relaxed, get better sleep, and see a reduced number of medication side effects like bloating, mood swings, and cramping. Many of our patients report that the cycles they’ve done without acupuncture are harder than those done with acupuncture. And, hopefully, at the end of it all you will get those long-awaited two pink lines!

We are comfortable working alongside any of Knoxville’s fertility doctors and have even seen patients from doctors in neighboring areas and out-of-state. We work closely with your cycle and will check in frequently to make sure the timing of your treatments is the most beneficial for your cycle. We truly love our work and want nothing more than for you to have the family of your dreams.

Please feel free to contact us by email or phone at 865-315-3845 if you have questions about your own cycle or are interested in scheduling an appointment. Or we have online scheduling available. We are always happy to help….and best of luck with your cycle!!

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