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August 2018

Our Postpartum Kit is Now Available

We are so excited to share our postpartum recovery kit with you! Most of our mama’s take so much care planning for their birth, the weeks after baby arrives are often neglected. To follow up with our recent post on planning for this time, we’ve put together a kit with our favorite postpartum must-haves!

This kit was developed through personal testing by our owner and acupuncturist, Sarah. After the birth of her daughter in February, she tried everything in this kit and more to put together something that would really benefit our patients.

So we’d like to go through exactly what’s in each kit and why it was chosen:


Urban Herbs: Nourish the Mama Bone Broth Herbs: This herbal mix put together by Urban Herbs  is a fabulous addition to a bone broth (or vegan/vegetarian bone broth) to help nourish and replenish your body after birth. According to Chinese Medical theory, new mothers should try to consume warming, nourishing foods in the month after birth. This herbal mix, when added to your favorite broth recipe, is the perfect way to add extra warming nourishment to your postpartum diet. These herbs will help your energy level, your sleep, your stress, and general recovery after birth.

Tip: Make your herbal broth ahead of time and freeze so it’s ready to go quickly. You can use it as a base for your favorite soups or drink on its own.


Mother Warming Kit: Mother Warming is another Chinese Medical treatment that helps the new mother recover after birth. Typically done a few days after birth, the warming, soothing moxa treatment done over your lower abdomen feels absolutely delightful! Moxa is an herb, mugwort, that is used in Chinese Medicine to tonify and strengthen the body. It is wrapped in paper, like a cigar, and burned near the skin to gently warm specific acupuncture points to help support recovery. Mothers typically love this treatment and it can be done as needed in the month following birth. There are more specific guidelines in our longer post on Mother Warming.


Perineal Spray: We cannot say enough good things about this herbal perineal spray from Earth Mama Angel Baby. After birth, using the bathroom can be uncomfortable and you’ll find many women recommending ‘padsicles’ to relieve this swelling. We don’t recommend these as they are often too cold for too long a time and can prevent blood flow and hinder the healing process. Instead, use this perineal spray every time you use the restroom or as needed. It is wonderfully cooling, refreshing, and can support healthy perineal healing. And, as a bonus, if you don’t use all of it before your perineum is done healing, it makes a wonderful after sun toner for your skin!

Tip: For extra cooling you can keep it in the refrigerator.


Herbal Bath Soak: Made locally by our friends at FreeSpirit Birth , this herbal bath soak with epsom salt and scrubby is a great way to pamper yourself after baby comes. Let this sachet of herbs soak in hot water and add to a warm bath to support perineal healing and total body muscle relaxation. Let someone hold baby for 20 minutes and take some time to relax and treat your amazing body to some downtime.



Imperial Tonic Recovery Herbs: This Chinese herbal formula from Evergreen Herbs is an adaptogenic formula designed to support recovery after childbirth. It can boost energy levels, support the immune system and healthy blood production, and promote general physical and psychological wellness. Generally, this formula is recommended 1-2 weeks after birth and taken for about a month to promote optimal recovery.


Nipple Cream: Earth Mama Angel Baby has, again, knocked it out of the park. Many mother will attest that this is the best nipple cream on the market. While breastfeeding should not be painful (if it is please seek the care of an independent IBCLC), a good nipple cream applied after breastfeeding can keep nipples from drying out or cracking.

Tip: This is also an excellent salve for cuts and scrapes and make a great lip balm.


Belly Oil: This belly oil, designed for pregnancy and postpartum bellies, is a great way to treat or prevent any stretch marks and moisturize skin after baby. It has a light, orange scent that shouldn’t bother pregnancy scent sensitivity and is safe for use around baby. It is, yet again, another way to nourish and support your body after your amazing transformation into a mother.


So there you have it! All packed up in a cute little storage bin perfect for the nursery, our postpartum  kit is a great way to get your postpartum recovery off to a great start and pamper yourself a little bit. After all, your body, mind, and spirit deserve to be celebrated after transforming, through birth, into a new mother!

These kits are available in the office or online and we do ship, if needed. In addition to treating yourself, they make a great baby shower gift!